3rd Day of The Venice Times

We visited the Biennale in Giardini to initially observe the pavilions and the exhibitions. We met by the Spanish Pavilion around 1 pm and went for a picnic as a group to discuss ideas about our workshop.


We played a game of ninja as a group bonding exercise. Afterward, following our group coordinators instructions, we did three observation exercises inspired by Georges Perec. Initially, we documented our observations through writing. Once we were done with the exercise, we got together as a group and made a sound recording of us each reading a sentence of our observations for them to become one collaborative, fictional product. Our next exercise was to use multiple mediums (video, photo, sketch, sound recording etc.) to document our observations. Afterward, for our third exercise, we split into groups. Each group had a commander who would give instructions to the rest of the group members through WhatsApp.

The aim was to make observations according to someone’s instructions who was not present in the Biennale. Finally, we all got together to discuss how to merge our experiences and the data we collected into a final product while simultaneously questioning the interaction between reality and fiction.

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