Digital Roundtable – 3 | Jorge Urias

For the 3rd digital roundtable of Vardiya, we were delighted to meet Jorge Urias. In his presentation, he answered to the three questions posed by the curators of Vardiya, and then talked about his multidisciplinary practice based in New York and Mexico.

Jorge points out that technology plays a big role in how the biennale works, and that the biennale is mostly about dialogue, exchange of knowledge, a tool to experiment and to test. The biennale brings together different cultures and backgrounds constructing patterns of ideas and information.

Just as it happens in a biennale, Jorge describes his practice as an exploration of “the multiple converging variables that work together to create patterns of ınformation”. His work aims to make “visible the hidden patterns between the built and the unbuilt”. In other words, the process of design is based on contextual analyses that results in actual patterns inscribed in the façades of buildings.

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