Digital Critic – 1 | Cüneyt Özdemir

Cüneyt Özdemir, journalist and youtuber based in New York, was our first Digital Critic during the last days of our Vardiya Workshop. He talked about his long-lasting love for architecture, his experience from covering the past Biennale organizations and his efforts to include the architectural discourse in the mainstream news of Turkey. We also discussed the opportunities and limitations of Journalism in Turkey, his diverse experiences from mainstream media and his recent social media engagement and how he feels that freedom of speech cannot be accomplished merely by a change of medium. “If you are talking in this new digital age, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter where you speak but mostly what you are saying” he describes. He also explained how freedom of speech is connected with and restrained by the private ownership of media and that the strict state of censorship in Turkey could be a dystopic future we will have to face globally.

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