The Venice Times Anhtem – A Plea for Concensus

Overwhelmed by the empty spaces of the Arsenal after the aftermath of Freespace in 2018, The Venice Times in collaboration with Vardiya™ prepared this song in as an ode the events of this sad moment in the history of the Venice Architecture Biennale. During their intense work for over a month, journalists and researchers from The Venice Times felt the desperate need to contribute all they could towards the aim of seeing the Architectural Biennale of Venice open again. The team joined joined forces with an experienced group of musicians, composers and singers, to compose this song, an anthem, a prayer, a spiritual tool, in the hope of bringing some attention to this urgent matter. The song was based on the heartbreaking observations of the The Venice Times and Vardiya™ members, inside the empty spaces of the Venetian Arsenal, home of the Venice Biennale. Join their voices and let us pray for a miracle – let us pray for consensus!

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Concept: The Venice Times
Composing and Editing: Kerem İnak
Soprano: Ecegül Mengüllüoğlu
Alto-1: Emel Kambur, Tuğçe Ebrar Udül
Alto-2:Tuğçe Ebrar Udül
Tenor: Gökay Sezen
Bass: Kerem İnak

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