Diary of Vardiya 2 – Future of Childhood!

5 June Tuesday

On the first day of the workshop, we met at the pavilion around 10.00 AM and had a video call with our tutors. After the video call we took our time walking around the Arsenale. At 13.00 we had a video call with Bernard van Leer Foundation and Superpool to get familiar with our subject: The Future of Childhood. Right afterwards we started Task 1, where we wrote about our childhood memories. At 16.00 we had roundtable sessions with Çağrı Hakan Zaman and Archis. Before leaving the pavilion for the day, we started Task 2, writing about how we imagined the future of childhood. We had a great night at Venice!

6 June Wednesday

We had half of the day off to visit Giardini from 10.00 to 16.00. After checking out the national pavilions, we met at our pavilion at 16.00 for the roundtable session with Banu Çiçek Tülü. After a great presentation we connected to Pedro Rivera and Superpool, and had a conversation about biennials. We continued working on Task 2 when we completed our discussion sessions. After we left the pavilion, we went for a city tour all together and had a great time.

7 June Thursday

We met at the pavilion early and uploaded Task 2 to start working on Task 3: making image representations of our ideas for the future of childhood. Some of us used the time in between to go back to the exhibitions at the Arsenale and Giardini. We spent most of the day at our pavilion, having discussions and constructing our ideas. We all printed and uploaded Task 3 at the end of the day. After finishing at the pavilion we found a very nice spot on the Redentore cost and had a wonderful time together.

8 June Friday

We started the day with a quick tour of the Giardini early in the morning. At about 12.00 we finally had the chance to meet our tutors Selva, Gregers, Segolene and Mehmet in person. We talked about the work we’ve produced over the course of the week and brainstormed for Task 4: the animation. At 17.00 we had a collective discussion on how to proceed with our work and timeline. After that we continued working on Task 4, filming, sketching, taking pictures…

9 June Saturday

Production time! We spent all day at the pavilion busy working our storyboards and animations. We had discussions and critics all day long with our tutors. In the afternoon, Serena Girani from ARUP gave us a presentation on their research about childhood in cities. Following her, Segolene Pruvot gave us a presentation about her work in European Alternatives. We continued working on animations and shootings till late at night to make it to the final cut.

10 June Sunday

It all comes together… With the memories of our childhood and images of the future, our animations finally came into fruition. After spending some time fixing technical problems and final reviews on the animations, we started collectively producing the exhibition. We reshaped our workspace and the exhibition with our works, making our contribution to the ever-evolving space of Vardiya.

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