Digital Roundtable 8 – Ahmet Öğüt

We had a discussion with Ahmet Öğüt about museums and biennials in relation with his work Fahrenheit 451: Reprinted which is a mobile instant printing work in partnership with Leevi Lehto (NTAMO). Project reverses the concept and brings forbidden books to people with the help of a fire engine and its crew. Ögüt has chosen a selection of books that have been banned on seemingly absurd or unexpected grounds. Participants can select a book of their choice and the fire crew will print a copy for them using equipment placed in their vehicle. We also talked about how he perceive the project and driving forces for project.

Öğüt also compared Venice, İstanbul and Berlin biennials. He defined Venice biennials as “Training military service for other biennials.”

He concluded the discussion by answering a question about how he choose his media medium in order to communicate and as a way of expression and mediums role in connecting people even they don’t have personal interest / collective interest. He added that personal priorities should not counteract the needs of the exhibition or the concept.

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