Diary of Vardiya 3 – Film Space as Free Space!

26th June Tuesday

First morning after the café, we took the ferry to meet with our tutors where they welcomed us online. Then the conversation was followed by Han&Zeynep Tümertekin, discussing on the concept of the Free Space and how Turkish pavilion refers to it. Afterwards, the bienalle in Arsenale opened its doors to us… observing, touching, smelling, blowing, reading, dreaming, feeling, hating… It was like an experiential funfair made for architects. Exiting funfair, we found ourselves in the narrow streets of the Venice, until we find a space to discuss what our contribution will be to the funfair. The discussion was specifically on how we can combine ideas of the pre-workshop footages with the Venice shots. Hot weather heated our discussion, our brains expanded, all the theories exploded. Then we jumped back to the lagoons of Venice.


27th June Wednesday

On our day 2, we had our online meeting with our tutors, spent some time planning the progress of our work and then went to Giardini to finish visiting La Biennale di Venezia. We visited some parts as a group and some parts individually and arranged a meeting in the evening. We kept on discussing and arranged a shooting time. We took our equipment from Redentore and have done some shooting there until the sun went down. We had several useful footage and concluded the day with a nice dinner.

28th June Thursday

Our third day in Venice, we started talking with Ahmet Öğüt. He told us about his works based on our questions and some advices for the biennale. After Ahmet Öğüt session and lunch, we diveded in group of three as shooters, runners and editors. we were permitted to shoot in an interesting building with a spiral staircase so the shooting group spend all of their time shooting different angles. Editing group watched all footages and try to edit all of them in alternative ways. Also one of us try to make visual trick using effects.

29th June Friday

We arrived to the pavilion early in the morning to work and prepare a presentation for our tutors. We began to work also on the physical space along with the film space. We watched all of our footage together to discuss. Our tutors arrived at noon. We spent some time with them and then had two online meetings. The first one was with Ayse Senturer and the second one was with Gul Kacmaz Erk. With both of them, we had very productive and helpful discussions to shape our progress. We watched a couple of movies that Gul Kacmaz Erk presented to us. It was a nice opportunity to compare our ideas and products with other very successful ones. We spent the day working on our movie and our tent. We made some additional shootings to conclude.

30th June Saturday

Today, we shoot for missing parts of our work and at the same time started to edit in saperately. Some of people used the color material and made our tent red. Also drawings and lines play a part our exhibition area. We had to postpone digital round table with Arielle Assouline-Lichten & Caroline James. Finally, we combine all works.

1st July Sunday

In the morning we went to the pavillion and we continued to our project. Some of people continued to constract our tent with our material and some of people continued to edit the film. At 11 am we had a meeting with Özgür Çiçek. It was a very usefull session. After the meeting we work hard and try to finish our work. After checking all of things in our work area, we leaved biennalle for now 🙂

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