Digital Lecture – 4 | Paolo Patelli

We were very glad to have Paolo Patelli join us for the 4th Digital Lecture of our workshop. We had the chance to discuss with him on some of his recent and previous works. Paolo, an architect and a researcher, currently based in the Netherlands, explained how he uses fieldwork, archaeological methods, and fiction to produce his work. His video installation Shore Leaves, which is currently being exhibited in the Dutch Pavilion, is dealing with the invisibility of labor under automation through the daily life of seafarers.  His work underlines that “while human presence and labor are still indispensable and of infrastructural importance, human bodies strive to adapt to remodeled times and spaces and descend further beneath a threshold of visibility.”

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2nd Day of Venice Times!

The second day started with the Yelta and Sophie’s short introduction of the Pavillion of Turkey at the Arsenale. We’ve been acquainted with the soft cells of all Vardiya groups which will transform with productions during these 13 weeks. Later on, we continued with the informal meeting session. Question is: “How would you introduce yourself in a party to a stranger?” The challenge was to create fiction about ourselves and talk about it for 3 minutes. We have made use of our vardiya videos, Instagram accounts, texts, songs, photographs and images that we produced.

After these, we have gone on with Hasan Cenk Dereli’s talk “Speculations, Fictions Within Architecture Methodology”. General discussion topics of him were creativity, cultural effects, and inspiration sources. We talked about design never starts from zero points and it constantly takes references from past. Another important point was that for being creative we should encounter with the proper environment and to look for the unexpected.

As the final point we got our duties such as documenting the talks and events; thinking about our personal fiction stories/ myths and finally documenting Venice from broadcasted/published/shared digital/printed mediums.

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