Workshop tutors: Selen Ercan, David Jenny, Orkun Kasap, Nizam Onur Sönmez

(N)everland is based on the concept of ever-changing landscapes and their relation to human experience. During our shift, a sand-shaping material process will be investigated through the means of digitally controlled machines that allow participants and visitors to reflect on the ephemeral nature of landscapes and spatial formations. Over the duration of the workshop, a prototypical installation in a state of constant adaptation will be presented.

The centerpiece of the workshop is planned to be a ‘sandbox’ that can be digitally manipulated. The design process will be iterative – participants will interact with this self-contained space filled with sand, by making use of hardware and/or software tools, to reshape it continuously. By changing multiple parameters in a computational setup, participants will be able to explore the formation of non-permanent sandscapes. Through the overlay of simple rules and the material interaction over time, complex temporary spatial formations will emerge.

When the shift ends, documentation of these processes will be used as the medium to disseminate the ideas and approaches of the participants to the online reviewers, and to the larger audience of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia.