3rd Day of The Venice Times

We visited the Biennale in Giardini to initially observe the pavilions and the exhibitions. We met by the Spanish Pavilion around 1 pm and went for a picnic as a group to discuss ideas about our workshop.

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We played a game of ninja as a group bonding exercise. Afterward, following our group coordinators instructions, we did three observation exercises inspired by Georges Perec. Initially, we documented our observations through writing. Once we were done with the exercise, we got together as a group and made a sound recording of us each reading a sentence of our observations for them to become one collaborative, fictional product. Our next exercise was to use multiple mediums (video, photo, sketch, sound recording etc.) to document our observations. Afterward, for our third exercise, we split into groups. Each group had a commander who would give instructions to the rest of the group members through WhatsApp.

The aim was to make observations according to someone’s instructions who was not present in the Biennale. Finally, we all got together to discuss how to merge our experiences and the data we collected into a final product while simultaneously questioning the interaction between reality and fiction.

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2nd Day of Venice Times!

The second day started with the Yelta and Sophie’s short introduction of the Pavillion of Turkey at the Arsenale. We’ve been acquainted with the soft cells of all Vardiya groups which will transform with productions during these 13 weeks. Later on, we continued with the informal meeting session. Question is: “How would you introduce yourself in a party to a stranger?” The challenge was to create fiction about ourselves and talk about it for 3 minutes. We have made use of our vardiya videos, Instagram accounts, texts, songs, photographs and images that we produced.

After these, we have gone on with Hasan Cenk Dereli’s talk “Speculations, Fictions Within Architecture Methodology”. General discussion topics of him were creativity, cultural effects, and inspiration sources. We talked about design never starts from zero points and it constantly takes references from past. Another important point was that for being creative we should encounter with the proper environment and to look for the unexpected.

As the final point we got our duties such as documenting the talks and events; thinking about our personal fiction stories/ myths and finally documenting Venice from broadcasted/published/shared digital/printed mediums.

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Keynote # 1 | Emre Arolat

We were very happy to have Emre Arolat as our first keynote speaker in the 1st Vardya roundtable. From his aspiration to become a car racer, to his collaboration with his parents and until his latest professional attempts to expand his architecture practice internationally, Arolat gave us an overview of his personal and professional development, with a focus on his understanding of context and specificity in architecture. Starting with a brief criticism on the capitalist context shaping the urban landscape of Turkey, he then juxtaposed his personal approach through two of his works: Sancaklar Mosque and Nora Mosque and Community Center Ajman. Pointing to his interest in atmospheric architecture, he presented these works as reinterpretations of the mosque structure. By understanding its fundamentals, he redefined the mosque in its contemporary form as a place of gathering and contemplation.

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Digital Roundtable # 2 | Pelin Tan

In the second roundtable of the 1st Vardiya, Pelin Tan attempted to answer some of the main questions posed by the Vardiya Project – “Why does the biennial exist? What does the biennial do? For whom does the biennial exist?” – based on her professional experiences on the realm of biennials.
Strolling along her varied participations in biennales all over the world, from Venice to Oslo, to Lisbon and even Shenzhen, Pelin explained that the important thing is to turn the exhibition space into a “place for thinking and experiencing collectively”. According to Pelin, biennials are places that give the opportunity to experience “crazy things” for both audiences and curators, something that wouldn’t be possıble in the real world.

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Digital Roundtable # 1 | Kutan Ayata

“Representational argument between reality and it’s representation.”
-Kutan Ayata

Kutan Ayata’s roundtable talk focused on self-expression techniques in architecture with the improving technology.
In time, the representation transmuted from a painting to a rendering, from a human’s hand to a computer and simultaneously, the representational image’s association to reality has also altered. As the representation fits our preconceptions of the subject, we perceive it to be literal, thus we feel comfortable and associate with the portrayed reality. Anything that represents an image that’s beyond our understanding of reality, we find disturbing, in other words, strange. Representation in architecture speculates a certain appearance of reality. In the digital environment by using texture, color etc. –offerings of today’s technology- we can convey an image as reality.

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Vardiya workshop schedule announced!

Vardiya / the Shift will host 13 different workshops throughout the time of biennial.


Venedik Zamanları
The Venice Times
Sophie Rzepecky, Yelta Köm

29.05 – 28.05

Çocukluğun Geleceği
Future of Childhood
Superpool & European Alternatives, Memed Erdener

04.06 – 10.06

Serbest Mekân olarak Film Mekân: B-Tipi Korku Filmi
Film Space as Free Space: Making a Horror B-Movie Fragment
Saitali Köknar, Sinem Serap Duran

25.06 – 01.07

Eleştirel Medya Olarak Mimarlık
Architecture as Critical Media
Jan Boelen, Vera Sacchetti, Nadine Botha ve Cansu Cürgen

İKSV 4. İstanbul Tasarım Bienali işbirliği ile
A collaboration with İKSV 4th Istanbul Design Biennial

09.07 – 15.07

Scarpa’yla Yürüyüşe Çıkmak
Taking Scarpa for a Walk
Avşar Gürpınar, Cansu Cürgen, Elena Pazzaglia

16.07 – 22.07

Selen Ercan, David Jenny, Orkun Kasap, Nizam Onur Sönmez

30.07 – 05.08

Cenaze Adası
Obituary Island
Işıl Altınışık, Burak Altınışık, Bilge Kobaş, Can Sucuoğlu

27.08 – 02.09

Of Journeys
Tomris Akın, Zeynep Ataş, Ali Paşaoğlu

03.09 – 09.09

Venedik: Yüzeyler, Geometriler, Dokular, Renkler
Venice: Surface, Geometry, Texture, Colour
Gani Turunç, Mehmet Erbudak, Jörg Niederberger

10.09 – 16.09

Uçsuz Bucaksız Azınlık
The Vast Minority
Herkes İçin Mimarlık, Kerem Erginoğlu

24.09 – 30.09

Venedik’i Yeniden Çizmek
Redrawing Venice
Eren Çıracı, Erdem Tüzün

01.10 – 07.10

Hazine Avı
Treasure Hunt
Casa Muraro | Center for Venetian Studies, Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul,
The Sakıp Sabancı Center for Turkish Studies, Studio-X Istanbul

08.10 – 14.10

KPM-Kerem Piker Mimarlık | Architectural Studio , Yağız Söylev

15.10 – 21.10

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